About Mentorvity

What is Mentorvity and how will it benefit you?

Mentorvity is a women’s community which focuses on personal and professional development by providing a safe and permissible space to share your experiences and opinions on varied topics that impact us on a daily basis

This community hopes to give you the feeling of “I am not alone” and that confidence to gear forward

There are two parts to Mentorvity

Mentorvity Squad

Round table conversations focussed on group mentoring where we have a professional speaker talking about inspirational and motivational topics and taking you through a journey of how to tackle real life situations. Every individual in this round table session gets an opportunity to share personal experiences and learn from others on how to tackle them.

Mentoring Insights

A dialogue with our passionate mentors to give you a leverage on what is mentoring and how these mentors approach it. These mentors will also be able to give you some tips on how to navigate through a mentoring relationship seamlessly.

Our main objective is to share the power of mentoring through round table conversations (Mentorship Squad) and dialogues by mentors (Mentoring insights) to individuals irrespective of the career stage they are currently in.


To create a safe platform and encourage professionals to express, experience and share their journeys while building a network of like-minded people


To empower professionals with opportunities to hear from various experts & benefit from the different dimensions of mentoring. Additionally, encouraging mentors to share their journeys & make a difference

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