Mentorvity Session 2

Sharpening your focus on Personal Effectiveness.

Sanah Singh Tomar

November 7th, 6.30pm - 8pm (SGT)

“Knowing others is intelligence, Knowing yourself true wisdom, Mastering others is strength, Mastering yourself is true power” - Lao Tzu

Who are you as a person? Are you the roles you play or the beliefs you carry? How has conditioning impacted the way you show up in the world?
Life and it’s experiences offer us a learning ground. Your personal effectiveness can be enhanced if you pay attention to it.
What you focus on, grows within you
As women we want to pay attention to ourselves and yet the voice of guilt follows us. Saying unkind things and pushing us in a direction away from our mental strength and potential.

“The energy that you carry is the energy that the world receives”

Sanah Mentorvity Speaker 2

Topic: Sharpening your focus on Personal Effectiveness.

Date: Nov 7th, 6.30pm - 8pm

Sanah Singh Tomar is an experienced transformation leader with over 20 years experience in the field of human capability development in the corporate sector. Through her coaching & consulting practice, she partners with organisations and individuals to take their performance, well-being and leadership to the next level. A life-long learner and a well-being enthusiast, who has found her purpose in growing consistently and contributing constantly. She began her career in the field of Hotel operations(Oberoi Group) and then moved to HR, Training, Coaching & Consulting in varied organisations.

She has trained and coached over 6000 people covering a gamut of industries across the globe. She has conducted workshops and coaching engagements for organisations as varied as Aon, American Express, Cognizant, BCG, Coca Cola, Criteo, EY, Fortis hospitals, Genpact, HSBC, Intel, McKinsey, PepsiCo, Wells Fargo, RBS, SRF & Sopra Steria to name a few.
She has more than 1700 hours of executive coaching experience.

A graduate degree holder in hotel management from The Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development, followed by PGD (HRM) from Symbiosis, Pune. Topped with a diploma in L&D from the Indian society of training and development (ISTD), Professional Certified Coach-PCC ICF (International Coaching Federation) certification from the Neuroleadership group, India and Coach Masters Academy, Singapore. Pursuing ICF- MCC (Singapore) accreditation currently.

Most recently certified for Holistic Coaching (Margaret Moore U.S.A) & Diversity, Inclusion at the workplace (ESSEC Business School) & Science of Well Being (Yale), Global Leadership Coach- GCG
Her expertise lies in Coaching for Performance, Leadership- leading self and others, Growth mindset, Personal effectiveness, Executive Presence, Well being, Creating impact in presenting & communication, and working collaboratively as a team.

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